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About Us

Style emerges when you know who you are and who you want to be in the world.

When designing our collections, we focus especially on the quality of fabrics and the design of comfortable and versatile models – our clothes can be dressed in many different ways, revealing the inner glow and beauty of the wearer.

~The uniqueness of each woman inspires us, we think of clothes as a second skin ~


  ~Inspires comfort and versatility ~

~In India, COLORS and LIFE inspire us~

~In Portugal, it inspires us to be able to share our work with those who come across  way~

Little history


India That Wears You is a small business based in Sintra that arose from a desire to dress contemporary women in the magnificent colors that flood the Country of the Maharajas.  


For over a decade we have been working on our own brands, “India That Wears You” and “Colors of life”.

Our clothes are handmade and we have always guided the business by the principles of fair trade and ethical relations


From Rajasthan to Northern Portugal, all our suppliers are small family factories that over time have become part of our family.

To all,

  with love and gratitude for being together in this process that is life.  



India That Wears You...

Meet the Team


Graça Cordovil

Founder & CEO


    Cristina Pedro

    Store Manager


      Teresa Caetano

      Online Store Manager & Media Manager

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